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Artist's Impression

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Artist's Impression

The Terraces Phase II

4 BHK apartments at Baner Balewadi.

The story of 'The Terraces' embodies passion, timelessness, and understated elegance.

We are here to continue this story with equal zeal and added inspiration.

Come walk with us, as we take you on this journey...


The Tale Of Inspired Spaces

Homes crafted with passion are
Homes crafted to inspire

We, human beings, are bundles of passion. When inspired, this passion powers us to stretch our limits and we transform into extraordinary beings!

Spending a vast majority of our lifetime indoors, the spaces we inhabit play a major role in shaping us. An amalgam of our passion & yours, these homes are designed with meticulous thought to imbibe warmth, restfulness and joy in your routine.

This passion permeates into spaces that inspire and come to life at ‘The Terraces Phase II'.

  • Almal

    how big are your dreams?

  • Almal

    homes that inspire timeless elegance!

  • Almal

    exclusive front row seat to some breathtakingly serene views!

  • Almal

    graced by natural light & clean air, here wellbeing comes to you easily!

  • Almal

    when stepping out gets tedious & unsafe, step into your home office!

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